How will they discover you?

Search and Discovery can help you acheive a 55% lift in engagement.

More than 10,000 OTT Video Apps are available
90% are undiscoverable.

The OTT Video industry is exploding. This means that more and more platforms are offering more and more competing video applications. And this makes finding your App that much more difficult.

Problems with the Search

70% of your potential Customers use Search.

Multiple Ecosystems

Each ecosystems require complex app metadata creation/ingestion.

Complex Specifications

The specs to ingest metadata are changing rapidly.

Ingestion Disruptions

Ingesting data to universal search is slow, expensive, and a drag.

Introducing USAND
Universal Search & Discovery

We’ve built one feed to power discovery across all platforms



USAND provides a comprehensive app metadata feed spec. The video app data is fed into added to the USAND data engine.



The video app data is automatically translated and delivered to meet proprietary specs on all platforms and screens.



The consumer searches for content by voice or text and seamlessly taken to the video screen where app is downloaded or playback begins immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Universal Search integration cost?

The USAND pricing varies depending on the project scope but with every project we have an initial one-time setup fee as well as a monthly maintenance fee for each feed we develop on each platform.  To discuss your project with one of our sales people and get more specific pricing, please click here

How many streaming platforms do you support?

We have the ability to create feeds for endless amounts of platforms but currently we have built feeds for the platforms that our clients have requested which include AppleTV, FireTV, Roku, Google TV, Samsung, LG, VIZIO, Comcast, Izzy, IOS, Android and web.  

Can you work with multiple content management systems?

Yes, we can take data from any source or multiple sources.  We can gather your data using CMS access, API access, or simply through an MRSS or JSON feed. 

How soon should we expect results?

Almost Immediately.  As soon as your search feed goes live you will see it reflected in your data.  

How long does Universal Search integration take from start to finish?

This depends on the streaming platform as some take longer than others to complete the onboarding process.  This can typically range from 1-12 months.